Women's Dance Fitness & Wellness Center in Waco, TX

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Every fitness level is welcome

Our staff and members create a welcoming environment for people at all fitness levels.

Judgement-free workouts

We are all on this journey of self-growth, together. When you win, we all win!

Have fun working out

Workouts may be tough, but they will always be fun! And we'll show you modifications for every skill level.

Getting Started Is Easy


book Your Free Visit

We want to get to know a little about you, hear your health & wellness goals, and even let you try out a class/session for free! So come on in, you'll feel warmly welcomed here, babe!


Choose Your Plan

We've got something for everyone! Our monthly membership plans provide lots of bang for your buck, and our drop-in packages offer the flexibililty for unpredictable schedules. *Financial assistance available- email hope@turnupwaco.com for info!


Transform Your Life

Our focus here is on the WHOLE person- mind, body, and soul. So when we talk about transforming your life, we mean it! Here you won't just get fitter physically; you'll find a safe community of strong women who are growing and evolving unapologetically.

Everything You Need To reach Your Goals

Weekend Workout Classes

Women Only Fitness Classes

Weekend Classes

Easy Scheduling

Virtual Fitness Programming

Purified Water Dispenser

A community that will keep you going

When you move your body in FUN, fulfilling ways, movement (or "exercise") is an act of self love and not self punishment. And that's what we're all about.

It is our goal to inspire our members to show love and care for their body, mind, and heart every single day, in big and small (and bold!) ways.
Yes, it's hard sometimes. But - We can do hard things. We're built for it! 
All you need is the support and encouragement to believe in yourself and your capabilities, and the direction to know where and how to continue leveling-up on your path.

We got you! No workout or class will be the same, and believe it or not, you'll be looking forward to your next sweat sesh, not dreading it! You'll leave feeling more energized, confident, and connected.
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Conveniently located one block from Waco Drive, at the corner of 25th St. and Columbus Ave.

2422 Columbus Ave, Waco, TX 76701

TurnUp Waco is located and easily accessible from all of Waco.

Trusted and Loved By Hundreds of Waco, TX Residents

Questions? We have the answers!

Do something today that you will be proud of tomorrow.